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The Characters of The Stars of Aspiria - XENO

The Xeno-scientific Exploration Non-profit Organisation (XENO) evolved from the SETI Institute to become a global research organisation, which not only searches for extra-terrestrial life, but also studies space for habitable systems to further expand the reach of humanity. The XENO Institute is the main location for the organisation on Earth, located in Aspiria City. It hosts the departments of a dozen different scientific disciplines, as well as some of the brightest minds in the Key Worlds.

Doctor Michael Ruwan

Ruwan is the Head of Exobiology at the XENO Institute. He has worked so hard in his search for life that he now leads an entire department. While he is enthusiastic and friendly towards the other researchers at XENO, he also takes his responsibilities as a Field Scientist with PALM seriously. The focus of Ruwan's research has shifted to sentient life, after his discovery of microbes on Europa years ago.

Shona McKinley

Shona is a Junior Astronomer at the XENO Institute. She is curious about the galaxy that she studies, and passionate about her feelings and beliefs. Her friends and colleagues at the institute, Amy and Evan, help her to remain excited about the possibilities lying on the doorstep of Human Space. Shona hopes her newest project on the Scutum-Centaurus Arm of the galaxy will bring something she has never seen before.

Amelia Brooke

Amy is also a Junior Astronomer at the XENO Institute. She is energetic, supportive, and fiercely loyal to her friends - especially Shona. While her bubbly attitude and unceasing smile are infectious, Amy is not afraid to hold her ground against anyone that might question her.

Evan Kibie

Evan is a Senior Astronomer at the XENO Institute. He is quiet, anxious, and mostly keeps to himself. As an older man than his colleagues, he feels distanced from them. When Evan opens up around his friends, he can be seen as an attentive listener and a caring individual.

Doctor Gregory Colton

Colton is the Head Researcher and Administrator of the XENO Institute. He is an hardy and stern man, but warm to the other members of the institute, having a close working relationship with Ruwan. Colton is an ageing man who is tired of military interference with XENO, and trusts only in the organisation he has become a major part of.

I hope you enjoyed this weekly blog series featuring the locations and characters of The Stars of Aspiria. I can't wait for you to see them all come to life when the book releases!

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