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Oliver Randall is a new author from England who started writing his debut novel in November 2018, and has recently self-published it. He is writing a series of adult science-fiction novels that detail an alien invasion of humanity in the 24th Century.

Oliver has always been the creative type and regards himself as a storyteller through various artistic mediums. Since he was a child, he has enjoyed drawing and making stories, which led him to produce his own comic books in school. Later on, he focused on producing stopmotion and review videos through the YouTube channel CloneBoyOllie. He then enrolled in university to study Illustration and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in July 2017.

Oliver also enjoys reading, playing games, working out, and producing art for the stories he writes. As well as his novels, Oliver has also written for several online gaming companies, enjoying the opportunity to produce articles while working on his first book. He currently works as a specialist notetaker at university while starting his career as a self-published author.

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