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December 2023 Writing Update

As we near the holidays once again, I have reached the final act for the first draft of Invasion the Cryp'lar. It was important that I took time to rewrite and let the story breathe, in order to ensure everything is in order to lead into a satisfying conclusion for Book Two of the series.

I have found time to further worldbuild between writing sessions to aid in problem solving for story concepts/ideas, including expanding on the alien history of the Cryp'lar and their homeworld. I aim to make the titular species feel as real as possible in terms of how an alien civilisation could have developed and what it could become in time.

Over the next few months, I will focus on delivering the best sequel I can to follow up The Stars of Aspiria, and hope (gods willing) to have it ready for publication in Summer 2024. For now, I want to wish everyone reading a Happy Holidays whatever you celebrate, and a wonderful New Year!



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