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How I became a sci-fi author

As this is the first post written on this blog, I think it's important to remind readers that everything on this site is made by me, which goes for every one of these posts (however often they will happen). If you clicked on this, then you are probably from one of my socials, but if not please follow them! There is also a handy subscriber form at the bottom of each page which I hope will inform you whenever I make another post.

So, how did I become a sci-fi author? First, I want to clarify that I will only be talking about choosing that genre specifically. For a brief history of my writing pursuits, visit the About page (after reading this post of course). Secondly, science-fiction and fantasy are the basis of many of the stories and franchises that continue to inspire me to be an author: Star Wars, Halo, Doctor Who, and The Lord of the Rings to name a few. There is something about telling very human stories in a fantastical or futuristic setting that can show us versions of ourselves and others we could only dream of. These genres can also serve to teach life lessons in the backdrop of immersive worlds and lands. Thirdly, and most importantly, sci-fi is very cool. It allows for limitless creative possibilities that pairs well with the interpretation that comes with reading the genre.

The cover image of this post is the printed first draft of my debut novel: The Stars of Aspiria. This is a project I have been working on for some years and is definitely a story that grew in the telling. I never meant to write a 50,000-word prelude to an alien invasion series, but that's for another blog post. As you might have gleaned from the Novels page, I am close to finishing the fifth and (hopefully) final draft before querying an agent for it to be traditionally published. While its an exciting time to work on being an author, I still think that word should be reserved for writers who have actually gotten something out there. But that shouldn't be too far away from me if I play my cards right. Its been a rollercoaster of a journey already and I know I've got my work cut out for me by diving into the deep end of series novel writing. I hope some of you can come along for the ride as I try to keep you updated on what's happening with the book, and maybe even read it when it finally comes out.

Thanks to my friends who have supported me all these years and to those who are just now joining me on this new chapter (pun intended). This novel has been a passion project for me and I can't wait to talk about my own characters and settings in the coming months.



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