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Writing during a global pandemic

Novel writing can be difficult at the best of times, but when there is a virus going around affecting almost every aspect of your life, it can be even more difficult. During the year of lockdown however, I found that I had more time and energy to write without worrying about other responsibilities as much. This led me to finishing the first draft of my novel last summer - a project I had been struggling on and off with for almost two years by that point.

That's not to say it was an easier time for me as a whole, but having a year off certainly helped me as a writer. I'm not typing this to brag and I understand the hardships people have faced; I suppose the reality is that good can come from bad things. Hopefully the same can be said for you during the past few months.

As someone with anxiety and depression, I have to remind myself not to feel guilty for taking days off from working on the novel. Before the pandemic, I slipped into a pattern of being productive for a couple weeks and then not. I didn't really appreciate the free time I had to write. Now, as we draw closer to the end, I am in a position where the hardest part of the process is over. I cannot explain the happiness I feel when I make progress with this final draft, but its clear to me that the depression goes away on those days and I can see the light.

This is not my view outside as I don't live in space.

With that in mind, my mental health (as well as my book) is still a work-in-progress. I attend counselling sessions to help make the transition out of lockdown a smoother experience for myself, and hopefully I can get back to worrying less and living more. I'd like to keep in touch with my friends especially, because being creative is more rewarding if you have people to share the end result with.

This post was probably more serious and personal than I intended it to be, so I promise I'll talk about some cool sci-fi stuff in the next one. Remember to follow my socials at the top of the page or subscribe to this blog at the bottom to stay connected with me.



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