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How to Read the First Chapter Now

The Stars of Aspiria is finally complete! As we gear up the marketing machine both on the site and on my socials, you can expect to see a series of blog posts every week, breaking down the core aspects of the book. This includes everything from the characters you can expect to meet, to the locations you will visit across the galaxy.

As well as this, the monthly newsletter will be sending out its first email tomorrow to those who have subscribed. If you haven't already, make sure to click on the pop-up and subscribe to receive exclusive content from this series every month. The first newsletter is an exciting one, as it contains the first chapter of The Stars of Aspiria! For those who have been waiting to read the book, this will be the earliest time you can jump into the story and experience what the main character is getting up to. Although its short, hopefully it whets your appetite for the full release.

While the launch date of The Stars of Aspiria is still some ways off, we are aiming for a summer 2022 release! More specific details will come in time, which is why its a great idea to keep an eye on the site. Remember to check your email tomorrow after you've subscribed to receive the first chapter newsletter, and feel free to let me know what you think.



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